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A word on COVID-19

At Heida Translation Systems we take the COVID-19 pandemicvery seriously.

We improved the process of cleaning the materials we rent out, making sure all systems are thoroughly disinfected. We also no longer rent out returned materials within the period of time the virus can survive. Additionally, we request that our customers dispose of all headsets after use. These no longer need to be returned.

The systems of Heida can be an essential tool in the process of reconvening gatherings. Our wireless systems can help close social distancing and support effective communication and translation. Outside events are supported by our systems, as long as users remain in range of the transmitter, communication will remain undisturbed. In contrast to the use of loudspeakers, no license is required for gathering events up to 100 people using our communication sets. Of course, our systems can also be used to empower educators who need to maintain distance from their students and yet require close communication. Additionally, our systems allow for interaction with mobile devices. Do not hesitate to reach out to us, we are ready to help youfind the solution you need.

Here's what we offer:

Whether you need to power multilingual translation for the hundreds of attendees at your conference - or you just want to coach a student one on one- Heida offers you the equipment for wireless communication.

Our focus is on offering products that are reliable and intuitive to use for our customers. These use a simple transmitter receiver design, available for both rent and purchase!

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Most of our products are used extensively for systems of translation. Whether that be one-to-one, one-to-many, or even many to many - we provide systems that have been rigorously tested. These have proven to be effective and easy to use. Our systems are used across The Netherlands and Europe for translation both in small and large scale operations.

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