About us

Our story

In 2009 Marten Jan was faced with the challenge of sourcing a system of translation for his work. After some extensive research it became apparant that no solutions existed at a feasible price for the low end budget.

Unperturbed Marten Jan established contacts within China, and was able to source the systems at a price unmatched within the established industry in Europe. News of his success spread, and soon Heida Translation Systems was established to help other individuals and companies source the products they needed at a competitive price.

Heida was created to serve this need in Europe, and throughout all its transactions one thing has always been paramount: deliver reliable equipment for an affordable price.

Our people

Marten Jan Heida is a man full of driven energy, always brainstorming in terms of solutions for our customers. His principle of work is simple: Get the customer what they Need. A no-nonsense man.

Years of work within the industry have equipped Marten Jan with the experience you are looking for. His expertise forms the foundation of trust and quality we hope to instill in every one of our business interactions.

Marten Jan runs the operations of Heida Translation alongside a fulltime job.
This allows him to keep costs and prices at an industry low.

Our products

Heida's products promise a beautiful balance of reliability and price.

We are constantly on the lookout for better products and better prices, we never stop researching. As a result, you may see our product catalogue update regularly! Our established network of contacts in China allows us to constantly supply devices that deliver on our promises, and leave our clients satisfied.

For more questions or queries regarding our quality guarentee and sourcing strategy, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!
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